Lofaro, Varna
Ipsen, Jutta
Pluta, Susan
Dorion, Nicole
Fortier, Luc
Portsmouth, Leslie
Shintani, Roy
Attal, Elke
McDermott, Patricia
Kelavey, David
Kelavey, David
Dobbek-Bardos, Susan
Anglin, Lucy

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General Meeting

Wednesday, Mai 16 2018, 7:00PM
7:00 – 9:30PM
Election night

Executive Meeting

Wednesday, Mai 2 2018, 7:00PM


Life Model

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The Beaconsfield Artists’ Association is comprised of art enthusiasts who share a passion for visual beauty and camaraderie, from semi-professional to professional levels.

Since the first meeting in, 1984, the BAA has been committed to supporting local artists and the exhibiting of their work. Centennial Hall is our home base, where we meet five times a year, from September to May. We have guest speakers, demonstrations and illustrated talks on various media.

Registration 2017-2018

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Artists Association

Centennial Hall
288 Beaconsfield Blvd
Beaconsfield, Québec  H9W 4A4
Jutta Ipsen
Roxare Thompson Roxare Thompson
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Susan Bardos-Dobbek


Huguette Gabral
Membership and Past President
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