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Creativity takes Courage Henri Matisse

Art came late in life to me. I had always had an appreciation of sculpture, especially the representation of the abstract female form. I take delight in seeing abstract art, the flow of curves and the intersecting facets of the sculpture. It intrigued me how an artist could visualize an image, then put it all together to create something unique.

2012 after a personal battle with cancer I was invited to join an art therapy group. I was a reluctant participant because I thought I had no art ability. Once exposed to art and found that I could sketch. I never imagined my technological background would give me the skills to make art. One day a professional artist encouraged me to try carving stone, that I discovered some creative talent. Sculpting for me is quiet time, time to reflect, to look inwards and be creative. Stone sculpture is now my passion.

Creating art shows how feelings are expressed. I am an intuitive self taught artist, on a path to discovery, every day I observe, I work at art, it is now part of my life, and I am constantly aware of new ideas, and what is next.


Dennis James

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