The Artists


Born in Montreal, Micheline currently lives in Saint-Lazare. Micheline started to paint during her leisure time at the age of 40. She was fascinated by the bright colours of dry pastels which allowed her to convey the beauty of nature, the trees, the fields and the flowers. Retired in 2005, she devoted herself to her art, constantly looking for new means of expression.


In the course of the years, she explored pastels, watercolor, acrylic, ink, oil pastels and oils. Oils are her medium of choice. She also works with mixed media and collages. She has studied with several well-known local artists, Max Stiebel, Pierrette Labonté, Fiona Gibbon Taillefer and Melanie Mathews to perfect and learn new techniques.


Micheline is a figurative painter who, today strives to create less traditional, somewhat abstract works. She lets her imagination flow and works with geometric patterns. A few years ago, she started to paint small animals. Birds are one of her favorite subjects.


Micheline strives for simplicity in her composition. Colour and textures are important elements in her paintings. Her choice of colors reflects her mood and stirs an emotional response. She has exhibited in numerous group art shows.


Micheline Gagnon Botescu

Micheline Gagnon Botescu