The Artists


Alicia Sosa was born in Monterrey, Mexico. Coming from a family of artists (Esperanza Martinez and Bernardo Perez), she always has had a passion for drawing and painting for her personal enjoyment.


She studied architecture in Mexico and got a master’s degree on Architecture at the University of Colorado at Denver, USA. After moving to Montreal she decided to pursuit her passion for painting full time.


Although she is constantly experimenting with different ways to express herself, her work projects a contemporary style with surrealistic tendencies.


She has exhibited in local art shows in Monterrey (Mexico) and Montreal. Her favourite subjects are the oranges and the simple moments of life. In 2010, her painting “Morning walk” won the APAW Art Contest.


“Painting is for me a tool to share my perception of life. It’s an invitation to look for the essence of things, rather than their superficiality. I play with colours and light to evoke emotions. I am motivated and inspired by the incidence and reflection of light from objects. To catch and transmit all its splendour is my constant challenge”.


Alicia Sosa

Alicia Sosa